There is great interest in the energy of the elements! So in addition to existing products, representing the elements of water (BLEND 42 VODKA) and fire (BLEND 42 VODKA FIRE with grapefruit and chilli flavours) we have decided to launch a new BLEND 42 VODKA, AIR LIME´N´MINT, representing the element of air. A new product is characterised by a flavourful combination of lime and mint. It blends the energy of whirlwind mint and fresh lime scent, producing a lavish cooling effect. To express the energy and power of the element on the label, we displayed air in the form of a tornado.

The BLEND 42 VODKA product range is consistently among the top-selling vodkas on the Czech market. Its popularity stems mainly from the uniqueness of its blend. It combines three types of alcohol, molasses, wine and corn, leading a delicately balanced taste that preserves the energy of the distillate. Its purity and harmony of flavours is achieved by filtration through fine charcoal from coconut shells. Further, we have retained a 42 % of alcohol content in this flavour. BLEND 42 VODKA AIR, now what a cool refreshment that is!

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